A Traditional Handicraft: Bobbin Lace Making

For a long time, the Ore Mountains have been referred to as Christmas Land. But few people know that other traditions beside the making of incense smokers, nutcracker soldiers and christmas candle arches have endured here. Bobbin lace making has also been an important part of regional history and is still alive both as a hobby and as a profession.

When the silver ore ressources drew to a close, the people who had lived on mining had to look for other means of income. Among other occupations, they resorted to toy making and bobbin lace making. These handicrafts have lasted through the centuries.

For some time now, the joinery Heinz Kreutel has offered different models of bobbin lace stands, varying from simple to versatile. Below are pictures of two of several types available. Your own conceptions and requests will of course be included.





The upper pictures show a height-adjustable model, on the left in rustic oak and on the right in natural oak. The top section can be rotated and hold both small and large bolster lace pillows due to its asymmetrical design. This stand combines simple elegance and lovingly elaborated details. It is available in maple, beech, cherry, natural oak and rustic oak. Other wood types can be used if requested.
The bottom pictures show a more simple model. It is not height-adjustable, but will of course be crafted according to your conceptions. This version is also available in different wood types.